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PHS030 Allan Chamberlain MP3

PHS030 Allan Chamberlain MP3

Audio Details

Collection Title Pompey Champions of England
Date of Recording 12th July 2021
Name of Interviewer Mick Comben
Location of Interview Telephone
Participant Name Allan Chamberlain
Participant Date of Birth 1st January 1936
Participant Sex Male
Participant Occupation Not recorded
Participant Background Not recorded
Type of Recorder iPad
Track No 1
Track Duration [00:42:18]
Recording Format MP3
Transcript Summary
[00:00:42] Allan talks of Pompey in 1937 onwards and his dad coming home from war and meeting him on the bus. Parents ran a pub near the Guildhall.
[00:09:15] Used to ride bikes from Portchester at one stage
[00:09:45] First major game at age 11, in 1948 as parents wanted him to start watching games as it looked like we would do well that year
[00:10:00] School years
[00:11:59] Talks of Frogmore Road having room for bicycles on their forecourts
[00:15:00] Memories of Fratton Park and his mother in particular meeting Ernie Butler and Duggie Reid
[00:30:00] Riding a bike to the ground
[00:31:00] Rushing to find the results of the other games after ours
[00:32:40] Game versus Newport in the cup and talks of how dirty they were and Duggie Reids screamer
[00:33:15] General recollections of time watching Pompey
[00:42:18] Ends
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