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PHS015 Chris Mcintosh MP3

PHS015 Chris Mcintosh MP3

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Collection Title Champions of England: Oral Histories
Date of Recording 6th March 2020
Name of Interviewer Samantha Middleton
Location of Interview Hampshire
Participant Name Chris McIntosh
Participant Date of Birth
Participant Sex Male
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Type of Recorder Zoom H4n Pro
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Transcript Summary Track 1 [00:00:00] [ 6th March 2020] Born and lived in a small village called Droxford, North of Portsmouth, introduced to the football by Father during the championship years. Travelled to game by car and parked in Milton, same place and walked to the ground and entered opposite side to the main entrance to Fratton Park. Travelled through the Eastern Road still and recognisable from those times. Currently 78 years old and lived in the Post Office in Droxford. Parents were Postmaster and Postmistress.
[00:02:14] Remembers seeing first match against Arsenal and attended about 10 games during that season 1948/1949. As a young child remembers all the children got pushed down the front and told to wait there till the end and would be collected. All the children were welcomed and there was a long row of kids, very family orientated and no problems. Remembers the size of the crowds as it was all standing. Felt safe even though not with Dad and just waited and he came got him. Mentions the Pompey Chimes still as today being sung.
[00:04:39] Mentions Portsmouth as a city being very big compared to Droxford, didn’t seem to be as modern but lots of history and the Navy was very evident. First job in Portsmouth and travelled but bus to work. Always was difficult getting into Portsmouth via the Hilsea bridge with the travel. A very busy city. Mentions the signs of the war, but mentions the tanks and Army going through the village as the Americans were there. Mentions being introduced to Winston Churchill and General Smuts as a baby. The train that they were doing a lot of the negotiations on was parked in Droxford Station and family was walking up to the station and two gentlemen were walking along and later in life was told that that’s who they were and they had said hello to the family.
[00:06:56] Didn’t remember much about the war and didn’t know the meaning of it, although saw the Army vehicles and Dad pointing out bombsites.
[00:07:25] Remembers celebrating and getting very excited. Picked up uncle and cousins in Fareham and lots of celebration in the car on way home. Everyone was very happy. Auntie run a pub in Fareham and went got back it was very jolly when getting back to pub when Portsmouth had won. Remembers going to about 10 in first season and about 15 in the 2nd season. Remembers listening to the traditional radio sports report, and either the Southampton Echo or Portsmouth News. Not like today from your phone. Never attended any away matches and missed a number of years due to living away in Scotland, Reading, Oxford and travelled abroad for work. Returned to matches regularly home and away about 15 years ago but still looked out for news and still attend matches in the area of Lancashire and North of England.
[00:11:30] Didn’t know much about how the club was run due to age. Remembers being the 2 clubs that we could have supported Southampton or Portsmouth due to living in between. Portsmouth seemed to have a bigger reputation and there was a large women’s Air force in Soberton and a large Service presence. Lots of Navy service people at the games and the Fire Brigade had their own band that played at half-time, were brilliant as they marched up and down.
[00:13:47] Mentions personally saw Jimmy Dickinson often as he lived in Alton and used to drive through Droxford and would stop at parents Post Office to pick up a newspaper and his cigarettes so he would always have a quick chat. Remembers Jack Froggatt had a sports shop in Fratton and would go in to buy a Portsmouth kit. A colleague remembers going to the matches and some players were often on the same buses travelling to the matches. Remembers them being totally normal and Jimmy Dickinson was a really pleasant man, and remembers watching them play.
[00:15:54] Remembers Portsmouth style of play was very much attacking and good strong defenders were very good. Football today is a lot more technical with passing but then it was 2 or 3 passes and they were straight in there. Today Portsmouth is a big club in the League like Sunderland and Ipswich. Enjoys both styles of football and they fitted the time. Wife attends matches now. Games were harder then and when you got kicked you just got up and got on with it.
[00:18:53] Jimmy Dickinson was one of favourite players having met him and Jack Froggatt. Peter Harris was a very fast winger and forward. Jimmy Scoular, a Scot, and a really tough player and when you went into him you just fell.
[00:19:28] Remembers having one or two badges but didn’t collect programmes. Remembers being at the game in the 2nd season when winning the title. However, was only 9 years old so didn’t realise the relevance of it but remembers seeing the procession in the newspapers. Remembers playing Middlesbrough, Arsenal and Tottenham just because they were big clubs especially the ones from London. Rivalry with Southampton was not as big as it was now, perhaps it was because of being a local time and don’t understand people being hot-headed over it. Mentions how the club has retained its same traditional and family oriented with a tremendous following. Remembers last visit to Fratton Park that it all comes back to you and things haven’t changed. Always impressed by the atmosphere at Fratton Park and as a child could barely see over the wall at the front, at player’s feet level. Some kids used to try and keep the ball and ducking once or twice when it can towards you. Didn’t watch reserve matches but followed results in papers.
[00:25:29] End of interview
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