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PHS032 Tony Thatcher MP3

PHS032 Tony Thatcher MP3

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Collection Title Pompey Champions of England
Date of Recording 21st July 2021
Name of Interviewer Mick Comben
Location of Interview Telephone
Participant Name Tony Thatcher
Participant Date of Birth 8th July 1936
Participant Sex Male
Participant Occupation Dockyard Worker (Electrician)
Participant Background Not recorded
Type of Recorder iPad
Track No 1
Track Duration [00:45:23]
Recording Format MP3
Transcript Summary
[00:00:00] Tony starts talking about when he was born 8/7/36 and lived and school at Frances Avenue. Taken to football by his dad straight after the war in 46-47 and then the best team in the country!
[00:02:30] Memories of his dad and a youthful Peter Harris in the Home Guard and his favourite football
[00:04:15] Football straight after the war. Living in Orchard Road near Francis Avenue, tea with grandparents and liking jazz
[00:08:30] At biggest game against Derby, day his brother was born in St Marys, big cup match, got in early. Dad couldn’t get in as at the hospital with Mum so grumpy, he tried to get in when she let him go but he was too late.
[00:11:00] Packing the crowd in and going to the loo! Getting to the ground
[00:13:07] reading the Football Mail
[00:14:00] In the ground, drunken matelots, half time entertainment
00:17:08] Father tried to join the RAF but had to stay in the Dockyard, mum and dad gave him pocket money
[00:18:25] Pompey after the war
[00:20:10] The penny cough sweet man and then the wrestling in the evening with his dad at the Connaught Drill Hall
[00:23:45] Favourite players, Harris, and Phillips
[00:26:00] Open topped tour bus celebrations - ran along in front of the bus
[00:30:40] Watching Pompey away at Tottenham and how unsafe that was
[00:33:45] Memories of Stanley Matthews and the England wingers of that time
[00:35:18] Monty memories
[00:38:50] Memories of players leaving eg cougar and then Froggatt to Leicester and being grumpy about that
[00:40:50] Saw Bert Trautmann playing for Man City
[00:45:23] Ends
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